3 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Live Broadcast When Working With Contributors on Facebook

Yesterday we discussed 5 Ways To Get Your Author Friends Involved In Your Facebook Live Platform. Today, let’s dig deeper.

Once you’ve decided what your Contributor will be going live for, here are a few things to remember to make your broadcasts go smoother:

1.) Write the “What are you seeing now” script for them.
Have your author friend copy and paste it into their field explaining what fans will be seeing. Use this as an introduction for the person since you can not introduce them yourself.

Keep this short, only a sentence or two, and include a link to their website or facebook page so fans know where to find them at the end.

2.) Have the guest host explain what is happening at the beginning, referencing you and the fact that you asked them to go live for that broadcast. Make sure they use your names several times throughout the broadcast so fans don’t get confused as to why you aren’t on the screen during the broadcast.

3.) Create a specific wrap up.

Your author friends needs to reiterate who they are and why they are on your page. They can give a shout out to their own pages (their link can be in the intro “what do you see now?” space) but ultimately it’s your page and the broadcast needs to connect back to YOU. So their last shout out should ultimately be to you and your page.

End with something like “I’m (name) on behalf of (your name) Thanks so much to (your name) for allowing me on today. You can find out more about (your name) by visiting (your sites)

Your ultimate goal is to help each other cross promote, get each other in front of your fans, and create content for each other without having to stress over creating content for yourself (because you can reuse the content on other pages.)

Take advantage of creating a small group of authors to use as Contributors. When you have a group of five authors who are going to go live for each other, it reduces the amount of content you must make on your own.

If everyone goes live for each other with a book rec, then that means you will have four people on your page talking about your book and comparing it to their book. Your fans will get four new recommendations while being reminded of the reasons they love your book (possibly inspiring them to read it again) and your author friends will get some new fans. In return, you go on their four pages and compare their books to yours…which means you talk to an audience who is already receptive because they like that author’s books and you get to introduce your book to four new audiences who actually want to hear from you.

Bonus: You don’t even have to come up with new content for each of these four pages-use the same content and tweak it slightly. The things you are saying will be very similar…which means less time creating for you. It’s a win/win.

Who are you going to approach about being in a Contributors group? Tell me in the comments!

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