How to Use Instagram Live As Instagram Stories As An Author

Instagram just released a brand new platform addition that allows us to post our Live videos as rebroadcasts for 24 hours on the platform just like Instagram Stories. Back up the dang train, ya’ll…

You heard right, this is an EPIC new addition to Instagram.

But here’s the deal: if you do it wrong, you will lose fans.

Horrifying, I know…but the goes for all new platform additions. Think about when IG Stories rolled out. The authors who did it strategically and effectively have a really good watch rate…while the people using it for cat videos and latte pics failed miserably and their fans don’t bother to watch their feed.

So how do you do this and how to you use this?

The first thing you need to know is which buttons to push and why. I chat about that in the video above, but I also did  an Instagram Stories screen tutorial on the day the feature rolled out:

BONUS TIP: We found out after this tutorial that if you tap the screen while watching a rebroadcast of a live, it jumps anywhere from 1-2 minutes ahead to allow you to preview the live broadcast and make sure it’s valuable to you!

What Should Authors Use Live Rebroadcasts For?

Think along the lines of live Q&A, unboxing, book recs, and announcements. This is an interactive platform where you can talk to your fans in real time…so make it valuable content.

Pro tip: the more creative you are, the more you’ll stand out in the crowd and the more likely you’re fans will commit to watching the rest of your content.

When Should You Use The Share Feature?

Yes, there are times you should and should NOT be using that share feature.

Always share: if it’s valuable. If there is an announcement, behind the scenes info, or something that educates or entertains your fans and brings them into your author world.

Don’t share: if you are just chatting. If there’s no value to your video other than socialization and your fan sits through a 20 minute rebroadcast with nothing to show for it, I promise you, they’ll never waste their time watching your live videos again.

Now this does not mean you can’t jump on to hang out during a live broadcast…it’s one thing when it’s in real time…but don’t post it to your Stories feed if sitting through a rebroadcast where fans can’t interact with you is going to be a waste of their time.


Always save your video (upper right hand corner after you end the broadcast) so you can repurpose your video on youtube, your website, and your other social media later on. If you forget to save before you click away, as long as you hit the share button, you’ll be able to go into your Stories feed and save it the same way you save Stories.

Have questions? Just about everything you’re going to want to know is in that first video-it’s super in depth. But if you still have questions, or want to bounce topic ideas, hit up my comments!

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